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Dinosaur Game Board (2 Sided)
Dinosaur Game Board (2 Sided)
Bradley Erford
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Most children go through difficult times at some point in their lives such as the divorce of their parents, association with trouble-making friends, or adjusting to changes at school or home. This innovative counseling-based board game developed by Dr. Bradley Erford helps children understand and cope with a wide range of life issues through play therapy. By purchasing different card sets, the same board can be used to create a variety of games.

Two game boards in one! This colorful, double-sided 30" by 40" dinosaur-themed game board presents beautiful renditions of a plesiosaur and triceratops!

Have you used “therapeutic games” that were mostly game and little therapy? Only danced around the topic? Used cards that only addressed an issue that brought the child to therapy every fifth or tenth turn? If you have, you no doubt have felt the same frustrations of countless colleagues who believe in the effectiveness of therapeutic games, but wish someone would develop games that hit the important issues harder and with greater focus on the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors children must develop to cope with their difficulties. The structure of each game focuses the child or adolescent on the important issues that brought them to counseling on each and every turn, thus maximizing the value of your counseling time, enhancing the learning and therapeutic change in your clients, and countering the criticism that play therapy is “all play” and “no therapy.”

The Dinosaur Game Board must be purchased to use all of the therapeutic card sets and the dinosaur game pieces.

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