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The Counseling Dictionary, Fourth Edition
The Counseling Dictionary, Fourth Edition
Samuel T. Gladding
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Date published:2018
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"Even more comprehensive than previous editions, the 4th edition of The Counseling Dictionary fills an important void in the counseling field. It includes nearly 4,000 key terms and abbreviations used in the mental health service delivery system, with definitions that are operational, precise, and written in the developmental and strengths-based language of professional counselors. As our work becomes increasingly interdisciplinary, and the language we use is filled with jargon and abbreviations, this book is a vital reference for all counselors to enhance communication and support the services we provide."

-Craig S. Cashwell, PhD
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

"For the counselor-in-training, The Counseling Dictionary is a must-have resource that will become a valued, beloved, and well-worn companion along the journey to becoming a professional counselor. More than a mere dictionary, this book is a pithy and profound compendium of counseling nomenclature. Dr. Gladding is the counseling profession's beloved wizard of words!"

-Melanie Drake Wallace, PhD
Jacksonville State University

"The latest edition of this unique and valuable reference for terms, principles, history, and practices in the counseling profession features the clarity and culturally sensitive language of previous volumes. It is an exceptional resource for students, practicing counselors, educators, and supervisors and it should be included in any comprehensive professional counseling library."

-S. Allen Wilcoxon, EdD
Professor Emeritus of Counselor Education
The University of Alabama

"Gladding's dictionary is an invaluable resource for both new students and seasoned professionals. With more than 300 new terms in this edition, it is up-to-date and contains not only definitions but charts and graphics. Only Sam Gladding, with his encyclopedic knowledge of the field, could have put together such a comprehensive desk companion. I must admit that I take it to class."

-Mark E. Young, PhD
University of Central Florida

This authoritative reference book by one of the most distinguished leaders in the profession features 4,000 commonly used terms and abbreviations in counseling. Since publication of the previous edition, Dr. Samuel Gladding has added 342 new, clear, and concise definitions and has fully updated existing terminology. This exceptional resource also highlights the professional contributions of prominent counselors, both historical and contemporary, and includes a current chronology of the evolution of counseling. In addition, it provides comprehensive contact information for self-help groups and nationally prominent helping organizations. Frequent cross-referencing of terms enhances the reader's understanding of more complex principles.

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