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Counseling Research: A Practitioner-Scholar Approach
Counseling Research: A Practitioner-Scholar Approach
Richard S. Balkin and David M. Kleist
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Date published:2017
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"This is an excellent master's- or entry-level doctoral textbook that provides a comprehensive review of research design. The writing is crisp and interesting, with clear examples from the counseling literature. I am confident this will be a widely adopted and highly cited text."

-Philip B. Gnilka, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University

"Balkin and Kleist offer a transformative perspective on explaining research to practitioners. By contextualizing the research landscape and focusing on practice-based research, the authors offer a text using common-sense, everyday language that reflects the core assumptions in counseling."

-Cirecie A. West-Olatunji, PhD
Xavier University of Louisiana

This introductory text for counselors-in-training and emerging researchers focuses on research methodology, design, measurement, and evaluation. Richard Balkin and David Kleist explain the primary research methods used in counseling while emphasizing the importance of ethics and multicultural issues, demonstrating a professional counselor identity within the framework of research and outlining the specific approaches used to inform counseling practice.

The book contains four parts: The Essence of Research in the Counseling Profession, Quantitative Research Designs, Qualitative Research Designs, and Practice-Based Research. Key features include case examples that bridge the technicalities of research and the realities of practice; strategies for designing research; guidelines for counselors considering topics for a thesis, a dissertation, or the development of an initial study; examples of current counseling research articles; and suggested activities to enhance understanding of the material in each chapter and facilitate classroom discussion.

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