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The Creative Arts in Counseling, Fifth Edition
The Creative Arts in Counseling, Fifth Edition
Samuel T. Gladding
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Date published:2016
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"Illuminating, inspirational, and eloquently written, this book has it all! Not only is The Creative Arts in Counseling remarkably comprehensive, it is rich in history and jam-packed with creative resources for professionals working with clients of all ages and in diverse settings. Dr. Gladding is a beloved and widely respected professional leader whose focus on creativity has championed its role within the profession. Through this new edition, he provides us with yet one more professional treasure."

-Thelma Duffey, PhD
2015-2016 President, American Counseling Association
Founding President, Association for Creativity in Counseling
Professor and Chair, University of Texas at San Antonio

"Dr. Gladding, the pioneer of bringing the arts into the counseling profession, has done it again. With this new edition, he offers a personal and professional banquet of fine food that nourishes both counselor and client. This book continues to be an inspiring classic and a unique and important contribution to the counseling literature."

-Sally S. Atkins, EdD
Professor, The European Graduate School
Professor Emerita and Founding Director of Expressive Arts
Appalachian State University

This latest edition of The Creative Arts in Counseling is a powerful, evidence-based examination of how creative expression can be used in counseling with clients of various ages and backgrounds. It explores the clinical application of all of the major creative arts, including music, dance/movement, imagery, visual arts, writing/literature, drama, play and humor, and-new to this edition-animal-assisted therapy, therapeutic horticulture, and nature/wilderness experiences.

The history, rationale, and theory behind each art form are discussed, in addition to its clinical benefits and uses in counseling settings. Each chapter contains a variety of practical exercises that clinicians, instructors, and students can incorporate immediately into their work, as well as "creative reflections" for personal and professional self-evaluation. The final chapter summarizes the 126 exercises that appear throughout the text so that readers can quickly access exercises that meet their needs.

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