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A Counselor´s Guide to Working With Men
A Counselor's Guide to Working With Men
edited by Matt Englar-Carlson, Marcheta P. Evans, and Thelma Duffey
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Date published:2014
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"Three renowned leaders of the profession have provided a landmark contribution to the counseling literature. Drawing from the latest research and theory about men's development, the editors and their contributing authors express an empathic understanding about male socialization and explore why men are often reluctant to seek counseling. In a refreshingly positive manner, they address the particular needs of diverse populations of men and recommend how to modify counseling to work with men in different modalities and settings. This wonderful book is a superb resource for any counselor who works with men."

-Mark S. Kiselica, PhD
The College of New Jersey
Fellow and Former President
The Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity

"This is an important text that has come at the right time. Though we now have several decades of scholarship on men and masculinity, this book takes us to a different level. It provides direction for counselors-working with men individually and in groups-to help male clients across the life span in multiple roles and specialized populations, and across aspects of identity conflict."

-Arthur M. Horne, PhD
The University of Georgia

Focusing on the unique opportunities and challenges associated with counseling men, this book examines a variety of critical issues pertaining to the psychology of men and masculinity and presents successful, evidence-based strategies for treatment. Nationally recognized scholars and clinicians with expertise in treating men show how to break down barriers to connecting with male clients and give them the help they need.

After an introductory primer on counseling men, Part One focuses on treating men in couples counseling, group work, and career counseling, as well as counseling men about their health. Part Two explores the intersections of identity for sexual minority men, older men, and fathers, and discusses spiritual work with men in life transitions. Part Three addresses the concerns of men in the military, prevention of sexual violence, and treating men with addictions and trauma-related issues. Part Four provides the specific clinical frames of female counselors using relational-cultural theory with men, and examines using motivational and masculine-sensitive therapy with men. Examples and vignettes interspersed throughout the text provide clinical relevance, and reflective questions in each chapter encourage readers to explore their own biases and ideas about working with men.

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