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Assessment in Counseling, 5th edition
Assessment in Counseling: A Guide to the Use of Psychological Assessment Procedures, Fifth Edition
Danica G. Hays
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Published Year:2013
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"Danica Hays has skillfully and thoroughly updated and broadened this textbook, which we authored through the first four editions. She has made a number of improvements to help instructors convey this information to students and we are confident that this will remain a widely used text for graduate courses and a valuable reference for professional counselors. We wholeheartedly endorse this revision."
-Albert B. Hood, EdD
Professor Emeritus of Education and former Chair of the Division of Counselor Education
The University of Iowa

-Richard W. Johnson, PhD
Adjunct Professor Emeritus of Counseling Psychology and
former Director of Training for Counseling & Consultation Services
University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Assessment in Counseling is an excellent graduate-level textbook and a must read for professional counselors who select, administer, interpret, and communicate results from assessment instruments."
-Patricia B. Elmore, PhD
Professor Emerita, Educational Measurement and Statistics
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Now more user-friendly than ever, while continuing the legacy of excellence that Albert Hood and Richard Johnson began, the latest version of this best-selling text updates students and practitioners on the basic principles of psychological assessment, recent changes in assessment procedures, and the most widely used tests relevant to counseling practice today. Hays walks the reader through every stage of the assessment process and provides practical tools such as bolded key terminology; chapter pretests, summaries, and review questions; self-development and reflection activities; client case examples; practitioner perspectives illustrating assessment in action; and handy tip sheets.

More than 100 assessment instruments examining intelligence, academic aptitude and achievement, career and life planning, personal interests and values, personality, and interpersonal relationships are described. Also discussed are specialized mental health assessments for substance abuse, depression, anxiety, anger, self-injury, eating disorders, suicide risk, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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