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Critical Incidents in Addictions Counseling
Critical Incidents in Addictions Counseling
edited by Virginia A. Kelly and Gerald A. Juhnke
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Published Year:2005
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“Never in my academic career did I think that I would refer to a text as a ‘page turner,’ but Virginia Kelly and Gerald Juhnke have succeeded in creating one! Students will love this book, and counselor educators will quickly discover the instructional possibilities of a text chock-full of case studies prepared by professionals with their questions then addressed by colleagues. In this instance, the many cooks made a splendid broth.”

—Brian A. Glaser, PhD
The University of Georgia

This invaluable case-focused text explores the challenges and opportunities of working with clients struggling with addiction. The incidents depicted not only examine the client’s history and treatment, but also raise key questions for discussion. Leading practitioners in the field analyze each incident and respond with revealing observations and recommendations about counselor conduct and client treatment, which help to determine best practices in the field.

The addiction-related concerns of women, ethnically diverse clients, adolescents, older adults, gamblers, and court-mandated clients are discussed in detail, as are the intricacies of family addictions, group interventions, and incorporating spirituality into addictions counseling.

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