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Group Work and Outreach Plans for College Counselors
Group Work and Outreach Plans for College Counselors
edited by Trey Fitch and Jennifer L. Marshall
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Date published:2011
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"This book not only has the potential to invigorate college programs, but can also serve as a foundation for further work in the kinds of programs and materials described in these pages to a wider range of readers such as older adults, lifelong learners, and those involved in continuing professional education classes and community outreach programs."

-Adam Blatner, MD
Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association

In this book, group work and college counseling leaders offer step-by-step instruction in the effective use and processing of structured group activities on topics such as test anxiety; stress and anxiety management; ADHD; career development; substance abuse; eating disorders; and the unique concerns faced by GLBT students, first-generation students, ethnic minority populations, student athletes, and combat veterans. The descriptions of each activity include tips for successful implementation as well as an overview of relevant theory and research on the topic. Handouts throughout the text enhance the book's usefulness in the classroom and with faculty and parents.

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