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Clinical Supervision in the Helping Professions, 2nd ed.
Clinical Supervision in the Helping Professions: A Practical Guide, Second Edition
Gerald Corey, Robert Haynes, Patrice Moulton, Michelle Muratori
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Number of pages:312 pages
Date published:2010
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"This practitioner-oriented book provides an overview of the important issues in supervision. Although it is a how-to book, it also encourages the reader to consider his or her own views, awareness, skills, needs, and development as a supervisor."

-Janna L. Scarborough, PhD
East Tennessee State University

"This is the most comprehensive supervision resource that I have seen and one that provides a clear framework for consultation and supervision classes. It offers concrete activities and focus questions to guide the process, while covering those areas in supervision that have traditionally been unaddressed. I will adopt this text to train site supervisors and internship students in becoming competent future supervisors."

-Kellie Kirksey, PhD
Malone University

"Engaging, practical, and up-to-date on current research and cutting-edge issues in supervision, this book combines essential content with numerous opportunities to interact with the subject matter in a meaningful way."

-Mary Kate Reese, PhD
Argosy University, Atlanta

"Clinical Supervision in the Helping Professions is a valuable resource for clinical supervisors and supervisees alike. It is well written, informative, and creatively presented."

-Lupe Alle-Corliss, MSW, LCSW, and Randy Alle-Corliss, MSW, LCSW
Kaiser Permanente Department of Psychiatry

"An excellent, easy-to-read reference on a complicated topic."

-Benjamin Noah, PhD
Capella University

"This book provides real-life scenarios and reflections of supervisors that keep the reader engaged."

-Phyllis Robertson, PhD
Western Carolina University

This straightforward guide for new and practicing supervisors emphasizes the attainment of skills necessary to effectively supervise others in a variety of settings. Topics covered include the roles and responsibilities of supervisors, the supervisory relationship, models and methods of supervision, becoming a multiculturally competent supervisor, ethical and legal issues in supervision, managing crisis situations, and evaluation in supervision. User-friendly tips, case examples, sample forms, questions for reflection, and group activities are included throughout the text, as are contributing supervisors' Voices From the Field and the authors' Personal Perspectives-making this an interactive learning tool that is sure to keep readers interested and involved.

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