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The Professional Counselor, Fourth Edition
The Professional Counselor: Portfolio, Competencies, Performance Guidelines, and Assessment, Fourth Edition
Dennis W. Engels, Casey A. Barrio Minton, Dee C. Ray, and Associates
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Published Year:2010
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Student learner outcomes and counselor work behaviors are tied to the new 2009 CACREP Standards in this long-standing premiere reference book for students, educators, supervisors, researchers, and practitioners seeking to quickly and efficiently update, refresh, or evaluate their knowledge of and skills in the most important competencies in counseling. This popular handbook provides knowledge, skill, performance guidelines, and evaluation scales for core and specialty areas of counselor preparation and practice.

Ideal for use as a student portfolio or supplementary text, the fourth edition of The Professional Counselor continues a 35-year tradition of focusing on counselor competencies and performance indicators. Counselors, students, counselor educators, and paraprofessionals will find this to be an indispensable resource for individual professional growth and evaluation and for building curricula and syllabi that include course goals, objectives, and learner outcomes. This edition affords baseline and progress data supporting a systematic developmental plan, assessment, and charting of each student’s progress throughout a counseling program.

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