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Developing Clinical Skills for Substance Abuse Counseling
Developing Clinical Skills for Substance Abuse Counseling
Daniel Yalisove
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Published Year:2010
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"This recently published book by Daniel Yalisove introduces students to the basic theories and principles in addiction clinical practice. Readings, resources, and exercises throughout the book enhance the skills presented in the 14 chapters. The section on Building Session Goals and Strategies (BSGS) is a new take on the Client Individualized Treatment Plan, but with a less confusing presentation of session goals and techniques. It is a good read for the beginning professional, instructor, or clinical supervisor."

-Cynthia Moreno Tuohy
Executive Director, NAADAC
The Association for Addiction Professionals

"Practically organized and theoretically grounded, this book takes the counselor-in-training from the beginning to the end of the counseling relationship. The concepts of substance abuse counseling come alive in the classroom through carefully prepared role-play exercises and an Instructor's Guide, which is a real bonus for teachers and students alike. If I am a counselor, I want this on my bookshelf."

-James L. Sorensen, PhD
UCSF at San Francisco General Hospital

"This book is a valuable resource for training entry-level, advanced, and postgraduate mental health professionals. Professors adopting this text may be able to use the supplemental references to structure their lectures or as additional readings for their students. They will also benefit from the author's experience and wisdom when they are shaping a course based on this textbook with information presented in the Instructor's Guide. I applaud this contribution."

-Douglas M. Scheidt, PhD
The College at Brockport
State University of New York

This skill-building primer provides a framework for understanding substance abuse and teaches the basic concepts and skills necessary for effective counseling of clients with substance use disorders. In Part I, Dr. Yalisove discusses counselor roles and the fundamental principles of substance abuse counseling. He then provides a synopsis of several key substance abuse theories as well as his own Building Session Goals and Strategies method and the Eight Stage Process of Counseling approach, all of which are practical, compatible means for learning and mastering clinical counseling skills. Part II illustrates applications of the tenets of these approaches in clinical situations-from beginning counseling sessions through termination-using experiential exercises, role-plays, and clinical scenario examples. Chapters on group work, counseling clients with dual disorders, family counseling, and working with diverse client populations follow. A helpful chapter on creating client treatment plans and writing clinical reports rounds out the book. Dr. Yalisove's clear and concise writing style and his practical approach to developing critical thinking and counseling skills makes this an ideal supplemental text for addictions courses.

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