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Terrorism, Trauma and Tragedies, Third Edition
Terrorism, Trauma and Tragedies: A Counselor´s Guide to Preparing and Responding, Third Edition
edited by Jane Webber and J. Barry Mascari
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Published Year:2010
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The field of disaster mental health has evolved substantially since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001-as has this book. First published in 2002 to share how counseling professionals responded to the acts of terrorism as well as the shootings at Columbine High School and other traumatic events, this book has been almost completely revised to reflect more recent tragedies and the dramatic growth in knowledge and experience within the field of disaster mental health that has followed.

This Third Edition covers shootings on the Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University campuses, the hurricanes in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region, the earthquake in China, trauma affecting military veterans and their families, the financial crisis, and other tragedies that have gripped our global society in recent years. What we learned following September 11 has been retained in this edition, and a new section titled "Self Care for Counselors and First Responders" has been added to address compassion fatigue, secondary traumatization, and debriefing strategies to aid those who are on the front lines following disasters.

This cutting-edge, theory-into-practice book is a vital, hands-on resource for all counseling professionals and administrators in every setting. The lessons learned, crisis plans, step-by-step protocols, treatment strategies, and insights from many professionals will help you be prepared for the inevitable-the next disaster.

Published by the ACA Foundation.

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