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Becoming a Counselor, 2nd edition
Becoming a Counselor: The Light, the Bright, and the Serious, Second Edition
Samuel T. Gladding
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Publisher:American Counseling Association Foundation
Number of pages:336 pages
Date published:2009
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Through the use of memorable and often humorous autobiographical vignettes, Dr. Gladding shares his experiences as one of the field’s most beloved and respected leaders. His personal experiences reflect universal themes in becoming a helping professional, and both novice and seasoned counselors will benefit from his knowledge, skill, and the wisdom drawn from more than 30 years in the profession.

Topics addressed include personal growth; finding what works and learning from failure; basic skills and counseling processes; creativity in counseling; multicultural and spiritual considerations; the influences of colleagues, friends, and family; working with groups and families; professional development; leadership; and termination. Each section of the book contains “Points to Ponder” to facilitate classroom discussion and personal reflection.

Published by the ACA Foundation

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