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Suicide Prevention in the Schools, 2nd edition
Suicide Prevention in the Schools: Guidelines for Middle and High School Settings, Second Edition
David Capuzzi
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Published Year:2009
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“All school counselors, regardless of their level of knowledge of youth suicide and prevention strategies, will gain helpful information that they can use in their setting from this informative and engaging book. I encourage all school counselors to read Suicide Prevention in the Schools.”

—Lynn Linde, EdD
LoyolaCollege in Maryland
ACA President 2009–2010

“This book offers concrete guidelines to help school counselors develop skills and services to educate and support all those whose lives would be shattered if a student committed suicide. From describing specific cues that might be indicative of suicidal tendencies to considering the legal challenges of counseling suicidal students, this book is a seminal work and an essential resource for all middle and high school counselors and school counselors-in-training.”

—Tamara E. Davis, EdD, EdS

In this book, David Capuzzi, a renowned expert on suicide, encourages suicide prevention in schools through the use of a clear and effective crisis management plan designed to identify and serve at-risk youth. His concise, step-by-step framework provides essential information for school counselors, administrators, and faculty on suicide assessment, faculty roles and responsibilities, and instructions on how to implement a building- or district-wide prevention program that includes faculty training and preparation of crisis teams.

Key Features

• Discussion of risk and protective factors
• Specific components of school- and district-wide prevention programs
• Content for faculty training and preparation of crisis teams
• Postvention after a suicide attempt or completion
• Legal aspects of youth suicide prevention
• Parental education
• Classroom lesson plans
• Instructor PowerPoints for each chapter

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