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New Handbook of Administrative Supervision in Counseling
The New Handbook of Administrative Supervision in Counseling
Patricia G. Henderson
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Published Year:2009
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To meet the goal of delivering excellent, culturally responsive services to clients, successful administrative supervisors provide leadership to professional counselors, manage counseling services, and work effectively within their agencies. Whether you are a practicing, new, or aspiring first-line supervisor in a mental health agency, center, private practice, or school, The New Handbook of Administrative Supervision in Counseling is for you. It highlights the skills needed to fulfill 18 job responsibilities such as implementing your vision, advocating for services and staff members, navigating the politics inherent in work environments, building a team of staff members, managing budgets and other realities, and maintaining your own professional integrity and development. Useful forms are provided, as are self-directed exercises to facilitate personal reflection.

Sponsored by the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision. Published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group.

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