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Practical Strategies for Caring for Older Adults
Practical Strategies for Caring for Older Adults: An Adlerian Approach for Understanding and Assisting Aging Loved Ones DVD
presented by Radha Janis Horton-Parker and R. Charles Fawcett
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Published Year:2010 120 minutes
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As America grays, older adults are living longer than ever before. However, this greater longevity increases the demands on family members and others who love and provide care for them. Practical Strategies for Caring for Older Adults offers caregivers, counselors, and educators effective strategies to improve the lives of older people so that they remain respected, needed, and part of the larger social fabric.

In this DVD, the characteristics of older adults are discussed, followed by typical situations encountered by caregivers. Engaging vignettes and presenter commentary illustrate the underlying needs and mistaken goals of attention seeking, power, revenge, and assumed inadequacy that often cause perplexing behavior in older people. Horton-Parker and Fawcett's simple techniques create win-win situations between caregivers and aging loved ones that improve quality of life.

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