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Play Therapy: Basics and Beyond, Second Edition
Play Therapy: Basics and Beyond, Second Edition
Terry Kottman
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Published Year:2011
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Written for use in play therapy and child counseling courses, this extraordinarily practical text provides a detailed examination of basic and advanced play therapy concepts and skills and guidance on when and how to use them. Kottman's multitheoretical approach and wealth of explicit techniques are also helpful for clinicians who want to gain greater insight into children's minds and enhance therapeutic communication through the power of play.

After a discussion of the basic concepts and logistical aspects of play therapy, Kottman illustrates commonly used play therapy skills such as tracking, reflecting feelings, setting limits, and returning responsibility to the child. She then describes more advanced skills, including communicating through metaphors, storytelling, and art techniques. A new chapter on working with parents and teachers is introduced in this edition to increase the effectiveness of play therapy. Practice exercises and "Questions to Ponder" throughout the text facilitate the skill-building and self-examination process, and a final chapter on professional concerns addresses important issues facing mental health professionals who practice play therapy.

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