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Creating Your Professional Path
Creating Your Professional Path: Lessons From My Journey
Gerald Corey
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Number of pages:232 pages
Published Year:2010
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In this inspirational book for graduate students and new counselors, Gerald Corey writes about personal and professional experiences throughout his 50-year career as a counselor, teacher, counselor educator, psychologist, supervisor, and writer. He shares recommendations and lessons he has learned-and is still learning-as a way to mentor other professionals and to promote self-reflection about creating one's own professional path. In addition, 18 graduate students and new professionals share stories from their journeys, describe challenges they have faced, discuss what was helpful to them in pursuing their career path, and provide recommendations for getting the most from educational experiences.

Topics covered include Dr. Corey's reflections on and turning points in his journey, how he developed his approach to counseling and group work, the counselor as a person and as a professional, the benefits of being mentored and mentoring others, becoming an ethical counselor, choosing a career path, professional writing, and self-care.

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