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Counseling Multiple Heritage Individuals, Couples
Counseling Multiple Heritage Individuals, Couples, and Families
written and edited by Richard C. Henriksen Jr. and Derrick A. Paladino
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Published Year:2009
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“As a mixed-race (Scottish/English and Cherokee), two-spirited (gay) man, I have been waiting for a book that speaks to my experience in the world. Drs. Henriksen and Paladino have given counselors not only a book that we need, but one that is of critical importance in a world increasingly composed of multiple heritage individuals whose overlapping and intermeshed cultures and identities cry out for this new view of these societal realities.”

—Mark Pope, EdD
University of Missouri–Saint Louis

“This informative and all-inclusive text underscores the complex and comprehensive nature of counseling multiple heritage individuals, couples, and families. For the novice as well as the seasoned practitioner, this book offers an opportunity to enhance self-awareness, impact practices, and advocate for those without a voice.” 

—Marie A. Wakefield
ACA President, 2006–2007

“Henriksen, Paladino, and their associates have provided us with a timely and invaluable resource to rectify our lack of attention to and understanding of the unique issues facing multiple heritage clients. This is a thorough and thoughtful book and I recommend it highly.”

—Richard E. Watts, PhD
SamHouston State University

This book examines the strengths of and the challenges facing multiple heritage individuals, couples, and families and offers a framework for best practice counseling services and interventions specifically designed to meet their needs. Topics covered include historical and current racial classification systems and their effects; identity development; transracial adoptions; and counseling strategies for children, adolescents, college students, adults, couples and families, and GLBT individuals. Poignant case studies illustrate important concepts and techniques throughout the book, and chapter review questions provide a starting point for lively classroom discussion.

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